A unique local 'industrial' game of Melbourne, Australia.
• 1926 - 2020 •

Venue Hire

Come and play Trugo for your next:

Come and be transported back in time and play a game of Trugo for your next private event.

The following Trugo Clubs are willing to provide you access to this unique local sport.

Port Melbourne Trugo Club

Edwards Park
Esplanade East Port Melbourne
MEL 57 D3

Port Melbourne Trugo Club

To hire the Trugo pavilion and green, contact:
Port Phillip Community Facilities on (03) 9029 6351.

Yarraville Trugo Club

Beaton Reserve
48 Fehon Street Yarraville
MEL 41 K9

Yarraville Trugo Club

Contact: John McMahon (03) 9314 6324 or 0421 791 071.

Keep this unique local game alive...
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